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Dressing Up the Front

We had long felt that our house was missing something in the front. It had many lovely details, but the front porch was a bit bare. So we asked our architect, David Whitney, to work up some options for a railing (or balustrade). Here are the four options he came back with. Personally I liked the way the Geometric scheme picked up the angles of the house, but I was overruled. We went with the flat stock profiles, and handed the design over to Tom and Norm to take a crack at making them on site. ...

Taking Out the Dip

I knew something was on Tom Silvas mind. We were about a month into the project and he was quiet. Perhaps even moody. Whats up Tom That dip in the floor is bugging me. I couldnt get much more out of him that day, but I knew he had an itch to scratch. About a week later I visited the site and saw how Tom scratches this kind of itch. He and the crew decided to jack up the middle of the house to get rid of the dip. They used eight jacks to lift the central beam and some attached joists. The jacks...

A Beautiful Discovery

One of the goals of the renovation was to create a more open feel to the home while†preserving the character and charm of the period. A large part of this vision included removing the drop ceilings that were added to the first floor many years ago. We were really excited (and slightly worried) about what we would find. Tom Silva cut away a piece of the dining room ceiling so that we could get a sneak preview of our 141 year old ceiling. This beautiful†discovery exceeded our expectations.†† The...

Bringing Up the Rear

Once Toms crew rebuilt the foundation, they were able to build over the office. The goal was to build out a master suite; a walk-in closet and bathroom will go into the new space. They started by reinforcing the existing walls and removing the old roof. Then they installed some wooden I-joists. The walls went up pretty quickly after that, and then of course they added the new roof. On the first floor they added a bunch of new energy efficient windows that will give the kitchen some much-needed ...

Four Ways to Know You're on a Home Improvement Show

In most ways we were a pretty typical family. We had our routine: got up in the morning, got the kids to school, went to work, ate dinner, repeat. Normal stuff. Then our home was selected as a project for This Old House. And just like that - poof - the routine was gone. As a service for you, reader, Ive put together this list. If you notice the following things happening to you, you too may be on a home improvement show. #1: There are cameras everywhere One day I came home from work and found ...

The Glimmer Glass Half Full

August 2013 - Manasquan, NJ (Picture: Rita Gurry in front of her demolished home.† As of today it is rebuilt thanks to Ritas determination.) You never know how someone is going to react when they lose everything, but an educated guess suggests that most would find the experience traumatic. But people surprise you, like Rita Gurry did. Rita is one of three homeowners we are working with on the Jersey Shore, and Iíve written about her before (see my earlier post below). After Super Storm Sandy hit...

001-30WV - Bedford 3-Handle Tub & Shower Combo Professional Grade - Tubs sku

Bedford 3-Handle Tub & Shower Combo Professional Grade - 001-30WV by Price Pfister

Item description: This Tubs Price Pfister product is by Price Pfister - Bedford 3-Handle Tub & Shower Combo Professional Grade... Learn More

Manufacturer: Price Pfister

Category: Price Pfister


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