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5 weekend projects to get ready for spring

Spring will be here soon! Make sure your home and yard are ready for the season with these projects that you can complete in one or two days....

The making of a man cave

When my husband, Brad, and I moved into our three-bedroom, semi-detached home, we thought it was a palace. Having come from small condos in the city, we felt we would never be able to fill two floors and an unfinished basement. But people are like goldfish: put them in a larger space and they will […]...

Quick and easy DIY winterizing tips

As the temperature dips, the thermostat tends to rise. But some of that warm air will escape through various nooks and crannies. Here are some ways to cosy up your home to save energy—and perhaps shave a few dollars off your bills. Add to your attic As building codes change over time or as your […]...

Winter weekend DIY projects

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the works stops. Here are a few weekend DIY projects to keep you busy and productive through the winter months....

10 tips to completing a successful reno

Designing and completing your own project is always satisfying. But sometimes, time and ?experience are at a premium and you need outside help. When you do, make sure you know how to manage the project so it is completed the way you want it, on time and within budget. 1. Start before you think you’re […]...

A head of the game: Easy headboard project


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  • Rough Kit Only

    Rough Kit Only

    Rough Kit Including Pair of 34" Roman Tub Valves W 63 Series Broach Adapters & QC-63 Quick Connect Use W 6308 Only Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel are available for immediate shipment.

    $192.51 More Details
  • Rough Kit Only

    Rough Kit Only

    Includes 34" Roman Tub Valves & 34" Threaded Nipple Use with: 6508 and 6608.

    $192.51 More Details
  • Rough Kit Only

    Rough Kit Only

    Including 34" Roman Tub Valves & 34" Threaded Nipple Use with: 2008, 2108, 3408, 3508, 3608, 3808, 4008, 4208, 4308, 4608, 4708, 5108, 5208, 5508, 5708, 5808, 5908, 6008, 6108, 6408, 6708, 6808, 6908,

    $192.51 More Details
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