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Bradford White and Robert Tull Inc. donate to Leroy Petry Village

Leroy Petry is known for his bravery and heroism on the battlefield. He is a recipient of the prestigious Congressional Medal of Honor for his selfless commitment to his country and his fellow troops while on duty in Afghanistan....

Bracing HVAC equipment for seismic activity

A St. Louis mechanical contractor works on an historic Art Deco building to help make it safe during an earthquake....

2018 National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated now available

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) has released the 2018 edition of the National Standard Plumbing Code Illustrated (NSPC)....

No plateaus for Taco

John Hazen White Jr., chairman of Taco Inc., will not stand in place. “I have a threshold theory,” White said recently in a telephone press conference. “When you hit a certain threshold, then you won’t grow without making a major change.”...

Students don’t know what plumbers do

Who doesn’t know what a plumber does Apparently, a lot of people, including the young people the industry is trying to recruit and members of Congress....

Nibco, Inc. visionary Alice A. Martin passes away

Alice A. Martin, Nibco Vice Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer, passed away Sunday, December 10, 2017, in Elkhart....

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